How to Set Up 2 Step Verification for Your Gmail Account

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How to Set Up 2 Step Verification for Your Gmail Account – Most of us have a account as it is one of the fastest email service providers along with many distinctive features. However, information shared online will always be at its security risks. If you share any confidential information through emails, you cannot always think that is completely safe! Yes, even when we are sending information from our personal email ids, there is a high level of it gets accessed from any unauthorized sources. With the increasing number of hackers, it is now to safe to have a confidential communication or rather anything put online is at a risk.

When your password can be accessed by others?

Firstly, you have to be alert about your password. Always be careful about using different passwords for different website log-ins. If you use the same password in different sites, it can lead to more easiness to hacking. Then there are more chances of getting it hacked from any illegal sources. Your password will also get stolen when you download any unknown software in your system. At times, you may get fake email messages that simply will have a link and prompt you to click on the same. In such scenarios, you are prone to hacking. However, when you do a 2-step verification of your Gmail account, no one will be able to access your Gmail account from any other sources even if they have your password.

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What happens when your Gmail account is not secured?

In case, your Gmail account is not protected with 2-step verification, it will lead to the following issues to your Gmail account.

  • Unauthorized access to your account can delete all your emails, pictures, videos, blogs etc
  • Using your Gmail account, they will send harmful and bad emails to others.
  • Using your Gmail account, passwords for other accounts like net banking, shopping can be reset.

So, how Gmail can help you in that aspect?

Yes, Gmail gives you a wonderful option of 2-step verification, which you can do to completely protect your Gmail account.  With this type of verification, your account will get a double layer protection and no one can do anything in your account even if your password is with them. Once you do this verification, a code will be sent to your mobile number.

Let’s see here the steps on how to set up 2-step verification for your Gmail account

How to Set Up 2 Step Verification for Your Gmail Account

  • First, you need to go to
  • Now you have to go to 2-step verification page
  • You will see a 2 step verification box on the right side. Click on ‘Start set up’.
  • Follow each step asked to you.
  • Once you are done with the setup, you will be redirected to the 2-step verification page again. Now you have to review your settings and add mobile numbers to get a backup.

By doing this, whenever you attempt to sign in, a security or verification code will be sent to your mobile number given. You can also use the option of a security key for the purpose of 2-step verification.

It is always a wise decision to add any alternative email address or email recovery option, so that whenever, you feel any difficulty in signing in to your Gmail account, email recovery option can be used to successfully log in to your Gmail account.

In fact, using this superb option of securing your Gmail account, you are free from any malicious attacks or hacks from any illegal sources. All your confidential information will be completely safe within your Gmail account. If you secure it with a 2-step verification code, you are in fact protecting your password and your phone or security key. In this way, you can be free from worries of hacking your information, and further issues and chaos in your professional and personal life.

Also, note that the verification code sent to you will be unique and the same code is never sent to anyone else. In this way, you can be assured about the fact that you and no one else only knows your verification code. Since, it comes to your personal mobile number; it cannot be accessed by anyone else also.

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