How to recover your Gmail password

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Nowadays all of us have a lot of passwords to remember and it is not so easy to recollect all your passwords including your account password also.  It is quite normal to forget the Gmail passwords. Password recovery is easy as Google provides you with more ways to recover the same.

The best option to recover your Gmail password, you can use your contact number or an alternative email address. Google can quickly reset your password. Similarly, if you do not have alternative Google can attempt to verify your account and recover it.

There are mainly three options to recover a password, which we can see one by one

How to recover your Gmail password

1.) Using the Account Recovery Page

  • Go to Google account recovery page: If you do not remember a password, you don’t have to worry in your password recovery process as you can also use your personal contact number or email address to recover  the password forgot by you. It can be done by accessing, Google will send a link to the password reset page. If you do not have the alternatives, there are other options also. You can visit to start the process, Or else you can select “Need Help” option below the login option.
  • Select “I don’t know password”: Enter the Google account email that you are trying to recover.If you can’t remember the username, select that option instead and click the “continue” button.
  • Recover password by selecting “I don’t know” option: as this can help the recovery process, but this is not required to retrieve your account
  • Choose your recovery option: You can have your recovery details sent to your alternate address or to your mobile phone. You have to set both to enable to use them. If you receive any message in your phone you can receive it by automated call otherwise if you do not receive any information you will be taken to account retrieval survey

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  • Enter your verification information: If a verification code is received over the phone, you have to enter it
  • Create a new password: After entering the code or clicking the link you will be asked to enter a new password and confirm it twice. Then click the “reset” to continue.

  2) Filling out Password Recovery Form

  • Set the password recovery questionnaire: This will start automatically if you don’t have a recovery information on your phone or your email when you try to reset the password using the above method, try to reset your password using the above method. The recovery form is not instant .It has to be reviewed by a Google employee. You can try several times to get the information
  • Enter in a working email address you have access to: To this mail the response will be sent. If you do not have an alternate email address, you can just create in a couple of minutes.
  • Choose the last time you accessed the Google you are trying to: you don’t have to be exact, but guessing close will increase the chance of recovery of the account.
  • Choose the date you created the account: Again, this cannot be an exact date
  • Answer the security question: If you have a security question associated with your account, answer it
  • Enter addresses that you frequently contacted: You can enter up to five addresses and name any labels created
  • Select the other Google products the accounts used: These include Android Calendar, Gmail and hang outs. You will also need to enter the approximate dates when you began the use of these products.
  • Submit the form: When you click the submit option, the form filled by you will be evaluated by Google. You will be contacted for the results of the review to the email provided by you.

As you know that password recovery is very important as it helps you to retrieve data in your Gmail account. Using the above mentioned password recovery program, you can log in to your account with the password recovered and this can be done by accessing the webpage

Recovering your Gmail account password and ensure uninterrupted log ins to your Gmail account using the simple and easy steps!

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