How to Connect Multiple Gmail Accounts to Receive All Emails in a Primary Gmail

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How to Connect Multiple Gmail Accounts to Receive All Emails in a Primary Gmail – Our life is bifurcated into friends, family, events, business and much more such stuff, all these together gives a picture of our lives.  Now this picture needs to be perfect not only in the personal aspect but professional tools. When we talk about work and professionalism the main thing which counts is properly structured manner of work which renders good results. For well organized and structured kind of work you need such mediums which render you that. ‘Mailing’ is one such option which not only makes your professional life easier but gives your work a structure and a finished style.

Mail it with Gmail: is the most popular name when we talk in the regard of mailing. Gmail is considered to be the most dependable and trustworthy webmail service. Gmail is the email service provided by Google and it also provides many other features like Storage, Gmail Labs, Tabbed inbox, Spam filter, Gmail Mobile, Social network integration, Google voice in Gmail chat, Gmail Search, Language input, Money transfer and payment options. These all features make Gmail a diversified site with all in one concept, it comes to you will all you need. Gmail was the first application on the Google Play Store to get 1 billion installations on Android.

Gmail is the free advertising- supported email service provided by Gmail and it became available to public in February 2007. The services were upgraded in 2009 along with the other Google Apps suits. From the introduction to the present stage, Gmail has witnessed tremendous growth and progress and has come up with some excellent features for the users. Gmail has achieved a significant name and caricature if we talk about the web mailing options available presently. Gmail has achieved that mark which makes it the most popular mailing service which the users are enjoying and accepting getting impressed but its outlook and output.

Now, Gmail comes to you with many features and services one such option is of connecting multiple Gmail accounts to receive all mails in a primary account. To perform and get access of this function is very easy and adaptable. You just need to follow a few steps and before thinking of anything else you will be already there. So, here is enlisting those steps very Clearly to you for your better understanding.

Steps to connect multiple Gmail accounts to receive all Emails in a primary Gmail:

If we talk about the broad aspect then we can communicate the entire idea in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Add a second email address.

Step 2: Forward incoming emails.

Step 3: Create a Label.

Step 4: Create a Filter.

These 4 steps can give you a broad and enlarged analysis of what are the four major steps to perform the required output.

Now, these 4 steps are too broad and wide to be understood and perceived so, here is a detailed version of how exactly with few simple points who can derive at connecting multiple Gmail accounts to receive all mails in a primary Gmail.

Steps in detail: How to Connect Multiple Gmail Accounts to Receive All Emails in a Primary Gmail

  • Login to your account and click on your ‘settings’ page, the page will get open with various options on your screen.
  • Locate the option of ‘Account and Import’ on that tab only you will find the option of ‘Add POP3 email account’ option click on it.
  • A pop-up window will appear on the screen stating ‘Add a mail account you won’, fill all the information required for the email address of the secondary account to its password and username.
  • Don’t disturb the POP server field, keep it as it is (it is automatically chosen according to the domain of your email address.)
  • Select the option of ‘995’ from the port drop down list.
  • Select the tick boxes as per your requirement and need.
  • Click on the ‘Add account’ button.
  • The next dialog box which will open will ask that you want to send  with email address you just added. You need to select ‘Yes’ and then go to the ‘Next Step’ button.
  • You are just one step away a simple verification is left, you need to click on the ‘send verification’ button and an email will be sent to your secondary email address.
  • Now, you just need to login to your secondary email account and click on the verification link and you are done.

This completes the process and gives you, your desired output. These few steps got you, what you wanted a task which sounded complex just needed these small simple steps and you are done. Enjoy mailing with Gmail and the feature of connecting multiple Gmail account to receive all mails in a primary Gmail. Just a few simple steps and before you thought it to be complex you are cleared of this misconception by getting your desired output achieved.

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