How to Change Your Gmail Background Theme

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How to Change Your Gmail Background Theme – Gmail is one of the Google’s leading endeavors and is one of the giant search engines that is being served by innumerable people in our modern world. This free email service was started before a decade and provides us a convenient means for sending and receiving emails, Gmail theme being Its popularity and usage are well ahead than that of its competitors like Rediff, Yahoo. It has become the fastest mode of communication in the modern world and its usage has become quite environmental.

If you are a daily visitor to this world’s fantastic service provider you may understand that by default Gmail looks rather boring. Here comes the importance of changing your Gmail theme. Now this has become easier than ever. Google offers a variety of colorful high- definition themes that you can choose from. As this tech giant has immense capacity and popularity, it offers themes ranging from sprawling landscapes to fantastic and classic hues. The most interesting part is that implementing free themes take a matter of a few moments. Everybody loves customization. If you are spending some amount of time in any specific place, you normally like to make the place your own and try to decorate it with all possible means. If you are working in an office, you will like to have your cubicle decorated as per your tastes and designs and this is applicable to each and every individual. In fact, Gmail offers a certain level of customization for its users and is referred as themes.

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Till now Gmail has offered themes. You can change colors and background images according to your taste. Recently, Google has announced that Gmail offers custom themes. You can set your own images as the background of your Gmail theme by accessing it through You can now change the themes and custom themes easily. Below mentioned are the steps that you can adopt your Gmail background theme.

How to Change Your Gmail Background Theme

Step 1: Open Gmail and click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen when logged in

Step 2: Select Themes from the resulting drop-down menu

Step 3: There is a list of pre-made options. You can select the theme according to your wish from this list. There are some personalized themes marked with small icons in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail image. They are specially designed to help you to change throughout the day, according to weather and the sunset. There are other symbols, especially white and black thumbnails. They indicate whether the theme’s message list background is either light or dark.

There is one option to select the light or dark custom theme and click the select background image link. You can either upload your photo. There is one other option to share your personalized theme through email with others .This can be done through Google+ also.

Step 4: In order to change your location for region base themes, click the blue Change link at the bottom of the page, select your country from the drop-down list, and enter your desired city. Then, use Gmail as you use normally

Step 5: This is the last procedure. Google automatically changes your theme, once you choose according to your wish.

Google Apps Gmail accounts

Now we can see whether the Gmail theme can be changed in the Google Apps.If you are using a Gmail account associated with yours or someone else’s you too can change your Gmail theme. For this, you have to see if the theme option shows in the drop down menu. If it is not there, you have to make a call to the administrator of the Google Apps and ask them to enable the themes. From the drop-down menu, you will have one option “manage this domain” click and then choose the Email from the list.

Changing just colors and background images may not be a serious issue when it comes to customization. But it is a bold step in the right direction.Surely, the ability to change the colors and background images will give a great visual experience. Knowing the procedure to implement Gmail themes will go a long way to help to make your Gmail inbox much fascinating.

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